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V. P. Bhatnagar


I am 79 years old and  am a patient of Colon Cancer and Blood Cancer. Recently,  it was detected that a new cancer has developed in my liver. The Super Specialist handling my first two cancers referred me to Doctor Vishal Kumar Chorasiya, Super Specialist of Liver Transplant at Venkateshwar Hospital, Dwarka. He examined my case and after some investigations he advised surgery of liver. His counselling and behaviour made me fearless and I accepted surgery within no time.  

On 31st October 2022 surgery was done by Doctor Vishal Kumar Chorasiya. The  surgery was done in a very nice way, with latest techniques and devices and in a best professional manner. The next day of surgery I was asked by doctor to sit and walk. I was not feeling  any pain and I followed their instructions meticulously. This made me and also Doctor Chorasiya more than happy. We were overjoyed with his experience of liver transplantation and his dedication to  his profession. His Counselling  pre and post surgery is marvellous and has given me second lease of life.

I wish him great success in his profession.

May God bless him.


Liver Transplant Patient

I was admitted for Liver transplant under Dr. Vishal. All doctor in Liver transplant department are very good. Dr. Vishal sir and Dr. Arif sir has explained whole procedure for transplant. My youngest son has donate a part of Liver to me. Dr. Vishal and his team has given me a new life.

Venkateshwar Hospital has very good facilities. After operation Nurses ( both brother and sister) have taken a good care to me and my son. They have help a lot specially to start walk again. All doctors in Liver Transplant department are very humble and kind.



Overwhelmed! with the facilities & Care provided by Dr. VIshal & Team. Post surgery fast healing and health gain is being experienced. Keep up the good work. Thank u So Much! All the best for your good work towards mankind. Best Health care provider.


Liver Donor

Dr.Vishal Sir & Dr.Arif Sir have helped a lot. They provided good treatment to my father & me. They gave new life to my Father.

Priyanka Chaudhary


Front Reception staff, nursing staff, Housekeeping staff and doctors specially Dr.Vishal Kumar Chorasiya all are excellent. Housekeeping, Infrastructure all are good. If marked from 10 then we are giving 10/10.



Patient's Son

My father got his liver transplant surgery from this hospital and I must say it has the best staff. The doctors were so precise and humble. My mother (as liver donor) as well as my father got their best treatments. Thank you.

Rohit Kumar

Liver Transplant Patient

Me Rohit kumar came to this hospital in very serious condition. There was no hope of my survival but the liver transplant did very good job. I m going back in best condition and I would like to thank Doctors and nursing team who took very good care of me. It was like a homely environment. I was taken care of very well by everyone. Everyone takes care of everyone very well. I received timely food of my choice. I would like to recommend this hospital to everyone, the environment is very good here. I will remember this for my life. I want to thank nursing team Deeksha, Neetu, Manisha, Monika God bless u 

(Translated in English from Hindi)


Mr.Sanjay Jaggi

Liver Transplant Patient

Hello Sir, I Sanjay Jaggi will forever be grateful to you for the best possible treatment and guidance given by you.

You are not only an expert in your field. But your affability and cordiality is truly worth appreciation β˜ΊπŸ™

My condition was critical because of the end stage liver cirrhosis..and also. Umbilical hernia.. We had undertaken out of the pocket expenses  for the treatment in fortis and other hospitals. But my health kept deteriorating.

Eventually in venkateshwar hospital dwarka.,We were counselled by your team regarding the need for liver transplant . We were guided thoroughly about the consequences of the surgery  and the precautions post the transplant.

The 12 hour complicated surgery was handled very efficiently by you and your team.

All said and done, it's been three months, and since then  proper evaluation and monitoring of my health has been followed up from you and your staff members.

I am truly blessed and honoured to have found a doctor who is so approachable.

Currently, I'm keeping up quite well with all the medicines and tests the doctor has advised.

Mrs. Poonam

Liver Donor

I was the donor in the liver transplant  procedure that my husband underwent. 
Thank you for your mentorship and guidance throughout the process. You are very compassionate and empathetic. Wr are lucky to have found a doctor like you 
My experience with the overall surgery and post transplant treatment have been very positive. The whole team was very cooperative towards my decision to donate. They convinced me that I was doing a noble thing .My safety and wellbeing throughout the donation process was prioritised. 
 My recovery after discharge was closely monitored. Recovery has been successful and smooth and I have followed all the guidelines given by you and your team regarding diet and healthy lifestyle. 
Thank you for mentorship and guidance.

Kamal Rani's Son

Patient's Son

My mother name is Kamala Rani. Dr. Vishal handled the surgery which is very major. He operated her very well and also after surgery give us the information what has happened and clarified everything. Really want to thank him from the bottom of my heart.

Prashant Modi

Liver Donor

I had many question lingering worries about the Liver Transplant for my dad (Recipient) and me (Donor) as i was an avid smoker and also to manage thrombosis and slow healing which is natural as a smoker i stopped smoking a week or two before procedure. Dr. Vishal and his team helped me with counselling . Putting his patients first, treating them with respect, understanding needs and most importantly being genuine are one of the few traits of dr vishal and his team. In addition to an EXCELLENT track record of successful Transplant, Dr. Vishal takes care of patients all the way from pre, during and post transplant. Which meant daily updates, personalize care, CONSTANT check up whether it was 8am or 11 pm, He was available. Outstanding team of nurses and great support system. The transplant happened in the end of march 2023 and both me and my father were able to be  back on their feet and got discharged within 2 and a half weeks, after the transplant we were monitored for a month The pre transplant phase is one of the scariest feeling and Dr. Vishal is someone I HIGHLY recommend, HANDSDOWN one the best doctors I have ever met. P.s. i am a medical undergrad

Lalita Sambharia


My experience was awesome.And all the doctors were very supportive helpful and very kind. The nervousness of mine was very high but they made it very easy and smooth I want to thanks again to dr. Arif Ali khan and Dr. Vishal Chaurasiya.

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