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Liver Transplant

Liver Transplant

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Trusted Liver Transplant Hospital in Delhi

No one can live without a working liver. If it stops functioning, it needs to be replaced or transplanted. AASLT@Venkateshwar Hospital Super Specialty Institute is formed and run by experts who have over two decades of experience providing liver transplantation and treatment for every liver and biliary disease, such as cancer, in children and adults. 

At AASLT@Venkateshwar Hospital, liver transplant in Delhi is carried out by the most compassionate and experienced team of experts with excellent records in diagnosis, patient care and outcomes. The hospital has state-of-the-art facilities and a multidisciplinary team of experts who deal with the whole spectrum of liver conditions requiring surgical treatment. 

AASLT@Venkateshwar Hospital is one of the few centres in India where minimally invasive donor surgery (Scar-free) for living donor liver transplantation is also carried out. Minimally invasive donor surgery is carried out either purely laparoscopically or with robotic assistance. Our liver transplant team in Delhi has performed over 2500 transplants and has a successful transplant program catering to patients with serious liver conditions. 

What Is a Liver Transplant 

A liver transplant is a surgical intervention to replace a diseased or affected liver from another person. The transplant process can be for the entire liver or a part of it. A healthy liver comes from a living or dead donor. Surgeons remove the patient’s diseased liver through an incision in the upper abdomen, and a new liver is placed. 

Liver failure can be acute (sudden) due to conditions like drug-induced infection and viral hepatitis. It can also be chronic (developing slowly) because of Wilson’s disease, alcoholism, Hemochromatosis, and early-stage liver cancer. 

AASLT@Venkateshwar Hospital is the best liver transplant hospital in Delhi, which through its advanced surgical procedures, gives hope for a better life to numerous people suffering from life-threatening liver diseases.

Conditions That Need a Liver Transplant 

A liver transplant becomes necessary when this organ fails to perform 85 to 90% of its functions. Liver damage because of alcoholism, chronic hepatitis B or C infections, and acute liver failure. It can also occur due to congenital disabilities of the bile ducts. Liver failure results in many health issues. These include malnutrition, blood clotting, jaundice, and bleeding from the digestive tract. 

Sometimes, you can get a suitable match for the organ for a liver transplant. But you may not be fit for the procedure. This usually happens when a certain condition decreases the chances of the surgery’s success rate. So, it is essential to check and confirm with a surgeon at a trusted liver transplant hospital in Delhi if you are eligible for the procedure.

Types of Liver Transplant at AASLT@Venkateshwar Hospital

Liver transplantation can be carried out in three ways:

  • Deceased organ donation – In this process, the liver is removed from a dead person and transplanted into the patient. 
  • Living donor transplant – The liver has the ability to regenerate itself. So, a part of the organ from a living donor with a healthy liver is removed and placed into the patient. The transplanted and remaining donor’s liver regrows into a normal liver.
  • Split donation – In this type of transplant, the organ is removed from a recently deceased person and split into two parts. The surgeons transplant each piece of the organ into a different person where they grow to the normal size. 

AASLT@Venkateshwar Hospital – Liver Transplant Hospital in Delhi with High Success Rate

A liver transplant, in most cases, is a successful treatment. The general survival rate for patients is between 95-98%. Most recipients live a normal life after the transplant. Some patients can experience problems within 1 to 2 years after the transplant. These include infections in the organ, rejection of the new liver by the body, and biliary stricture. 

However, at AASLT@Venkateshwar Hospital, a highly skilled and professional team of surgeons perform liver transplant in Delhi. We have some of the lowest biliary complication rates. Our surgeons leverage cutting-edge procedures and innovative technologies to deliver the best results. The multidisciplinary team at AASLT@Venkateshwar Hospital specializes in performing Minimally Invasive Liver Surgery, either laparoscopically or robotically. These surgeries include donor hepatectomy, major hepatectomy for liver cancer, liver hydatid cyst excision, and liver transplant in experimental stages. 

AASLT@Venkateshwar Hospital is a trusted liver transplant hospital in Delhi that provides patient-centric care from experts with rich experience working at various successful transplant centres in India. Our dedication, compassion, and hard work for our patients have enabled AASLT@Venkateshwar Hospital to become a renowned name for liver transplants in Delhi.

AASLT@Venkateshwar Hospital's team specializes in liver transplants for both adults and children. We provide specialist treatment services for patients with Hepatitis C, liver failure, Cirrhosis, and other advanced liver diseases. We are one of the few institutes whose specialists also perform Living Donor Liver Transplants.

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